What Are Some Ways to Use Glass Cubes in Crafts?


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Crafty ways to use glass cubes include making a memorial cube, decorating the outside of the cube with polymer clay and creating a decorative glass block. If the block has a hollow center, insert lights to add a creative touch.

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To make the memorial cube, choose the photo to memorialize, make a copy of it, laminate the copy and apply it to the front of the glass block. Add decorative touches such as mini-lights, a frame or a bow. The memorial cube lasts longer than flowers or other memorial gifts and is reminder of loved ones. Attach other images, such as pictures of family or pets, to glass cubes in the same way to create a unique photo display.

Polymer clay will stick to a glass cube if they are baked in the oven together at 260-265 degrees for twenty to twenty-five minutes. Decorate the outside of the cube with clay, drill holes and bake to make glass cubes into custom artwork.

To create a decorative glass cube, gather materials that fit the theme of the decor. For example, a Christmas themed box would use gold paint, a tree and star template, gold glitter and yellow crystals. Wipe the area to be painted with alcohol, apply the paper design, then paint around the design. Allow the paint to dry, then fill the cube with the chosen decorative touches.

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