What Are Some Ways to Tie Decorative Bows?


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Some ways to tie decorative bows include layered bows, a tailored bow and a three-loop bow. To create a layered bow, form multiple loops with a ribbon, alternating sides until the desired fullness is achieved, and secure at the center with wire. Create another bow and wire the two together.

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To make a tailored bow, fold a ribbon into series of loops, each loop slightly smaller than the one below it. Staple the layers together, add another ribbon underneath the stack to create the bow’s tails and staple again. Glue a piece ribbon around the center to cover the staples.

To form a three-loop bow, create two loops the same size, one on each side, and then form another loop to the left. Wrap the ribbon over your thumb to make a center loop, and wire it in place with floral wire. Adjust the third loop so that it is arranged at the top of the bow, and trim the ribbon tails in to a “V” shape.

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