What Are Some Ways to Reuse Wine Corks?

What Are Some Ways to Reuse Wine Corks?

You can reuse wine corks in a number of ways, including use in bathmats, holiday wreaths, coasters, jewelry organizers and key chains. You can also use them as stamps and placeholders.

To make a bathmat, cut a collection of corks in half lengthwise and arrange flat side down on a board backing. Secure the cork to the wood with adhesive and coat the project with a sealant.

Make holiday wreaths by arranging corks in a circular pattern and attaching them with glue or wire.

Make coasters by cutting the corks in half and arranging them in the desired pattern. Secure the corks together and seal.

To make a cork key chain, insert a pin into the cork and attach a standard key ring to the eye of the pin.