What Are Some Ways to Reuse Old Trophies?


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Old trophies can be reused in a variety of ways, such as plant potters (for cup-style trophies), candle holders, or – with a quick paint job – new trophies. Depending on the size and design of the trophy, it may be usable as a paperweight or bookend.

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Old trophies can also be decorated and used as cupcake stands, as a centerpiece for a table or as yard art. In addition, some old trophies have a particularly interesting shape and design that allow them to be used as decorative conversation starters.

Sometimes the parts and pieces from the old trophies can have more use than if the trophy were to remain intact. If the statue portion of a few trophies can be removed, they can then be attached to a piece of wood and serve as a coat hanger or hat rack. The top portions of trophies can also be used as ornaments for a Christmas tree or as handles for cabinetry. Additionally, the base portions of old trophies can be used to make lamp stands, paper towel holders and light fixtures.

If the use of old trophies as decorations is not appealing, consider having the nameplate replaced on the old trophy and using it as a gag gift.

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