What Are Some Ways to Replicate an NYPD Badge for a Costume?


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Purchase NYPD police badge replicas from Collectors-Badges.com or use BadgeCreator.com to create a customized police badge replica. Since impersonating a police officer is illegal, any replica badge must be clearly labeled as such, or feature text that no legitimate badge would.

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Some replica police badge manufacturers produce badges of such high quality that on-duty police officers use them instead of their official badges to protect themselves against the possibility of losing their badge on the job. This is prohibited by federal law, as is the sale or purchase of counterfeit police badges, but New York City police officers can lose 10 days' pay as punishment for reporting a lost badge.

The Gode Company of Germany is a manufacturer of high-quality replica police badges. In some cases, the Gode Company replica is of higher quality than the original badge it is meant to replicate, but always carries either a crowned G and eagle head or a hallmark that distinguishes the product as a replica. Of the replica badges available on Collectors-badges.com as of 2015, three high-quality NYPD replica badges exist: a NY State Long Island Railroad Police Lieutenant badge, a NYPD Lieutenant badge, and a vintage NYPD Pattern badge from 1889.

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