What Are Some Ways to Get Free Pokémon Cards?

As of 2015, free official Pokémon cards are unavailable, but users are able to print them. Pokemon.com provides a large collection of images featuring its cards. By saving the images, then printing them, users can select which cards to keep.

From the website’s home page, click the Pokédex option near the top of the page to view a list of various Pokémon characters. Click on any character, then scroll near the bottom of the page to view several card images featuring that character. Right-click on the desired card images, and select the Save Image As option, to save the image for printing. Print the images on card stock, which is thicker than regular printer paper. Laminating the printed cards also provides more durability.

This printing process creates unofficial Pokémon cards. Various websites, such as Amazon.com, sell official Pokémon cards online.