What Are Some Ways to Play Pou Games Online?


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Play Pou games for free on arcade websites such as Pou Games Online and Gahe. Pou games on these websites include “Pou Jump Adventure” and “Pou Food Hunt.” Players control both games using a computer mouse to either move Pou or to interact with the environment around him.

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In “Pou Jump Adventure,” players control Pou as he jumps on platforms to reach new heights. Players move the computer mouse back and forth to control Pou while he is in the air. When Pou touches arrow icons while jumping, he gets a bouncing boost. The game is based on achieving a high score and has no end. The game is over when a player misses a platform and Pou falls off the screen.

“Pou Food Hunt” is a physics-based puzzle game in which players have to help Pou eat all the food on the screen. There are multiple stages, and each gets progressively harder as the players continue. They receive ratings based on how much food Pou eats on each stage. Eating all of the food earns the players three-fry ratings. After the stage is over, clicking on the arrow button takes Pou to the next stage. Clicking on the list icon takes players to the stage selection screen where they can choose to play stages they have beaten already.

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