What Are Some Ways to Play Free Games?

What Are Some Ways to Play Free Games?

Play free games online by visiting online gaming sites such as AddictingGames.com, AGame.com or JayIsGames.com, as of 2015. It is also possible to play many games for free through social media sites such as Facebook.com. In each case, the site includes tools for locating games according to genre or title.

AddictingGames.com houses an extensive selection of free online games made in a variety of programming languages, including Flash, Unity and Javascript. It offers users the ability to search through different game genres, such as shooters, racing games, platformers and card games, as well as the ability to view the most popular games on the site.

AGame.com hosts free online games from a wide range of developers and also offers tools to search according to genre or popularity. Each game on the site includes user reviews and ratings, instructions on how to play and comments from other players regarding difficulty or the methods with which to beat the game.

JayIsGames.com primarily posts reviews of free online games, though it also features listings for mobile games that are both free and paid. Each review includes a summary of the gameplay style and links to the site that hosts the game. Some games also appear directly on the site.

Facebook.com, along with many other social media sites, allows users to play games through their profiles. All games require no initial purchase, though many do include microtransaction options.