What Are Some Ways to Get Free Old Coins?


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Some ways to get free old coins include asking local clerks if they have unusable coins, checking coin-sorting machines and checking the free section of online classifieds sites for listings. It is also possible to change any denomination of currency into coin rolls at a bank for free.

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The first place to look for free old coins is on the free section of a classifieds site such as Craigslist.org. These sections contain posts for items that the owners wish to get rid of and thus have no sale price. In most cases, coins found through this method are foreign currency, which the owner is not able to spend or exchange without incurring costly penalties. Many coin-sorting machines, such as those found at grocery stores, do not take foreign coins or older coins with odd shapes. These coins pass through the machine, but as they have no quickly assessable value, owners commonly leave them sitting on or near the machine.

Another way to get old coins for free is by requesting the coins from a bank. Many banks allow customers to order rolls of coins in various denominations without any special fees. However, the customer does need to give the bank the exact value of the coins in another form.

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