What Are Some Ways "Minecraft" Is Being Used in Education?


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As of 2015, "Minecraft" is usable as an educational medium in a variety of ways, such as building foundational math skills and re-creating historical landscapes within the game. A middle school in Los Angeles implements "Minecraft" as part of a humanities class where students are tasked with rebuilding various historical sites within the game. Students can also utilize "Minecraft" as a learning space for various subjects, such as coding, city planning and engineering.

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Mojang, the developer of "Minecraft," has allowed the development of an education-specific software version of the game called "MinecraftEdu" by an independent game development company called TeacherGaming. This version of the game is designed for classroom use by teachers and includes various tools that can help create a cohesive learning environment.

Content for "MinecraftEdu" consists of teacher-created activities and is customizable to match specific classrooms. As of 2015, "MinecraftEdu" is in use at educational institutions in over 40 countries and is applicable in a wide range of school subject areas, such as art, history, language and STEM subjects. "MinecraftEdu" also supports a range of languages, including English, Finnish, Russian, Spanish and French.

Microsoft, which owns the "Minecraft" intellectual property, also operates a community website, Education.Minecraft.net, for teachers and educators that use the program in their lesson plans.

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