What Are Some Ways to Make a Paracord Survival Bracelet?


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Backpacker.com, SurvivalLife.com, and ParacordBraceletHQ.com provide instructions, photos and videos for making different kinds of paracord survival bracelets. These websites offer ways to make bracelets for different survival or emergency situations and for different personal aesthetic preferences.

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To make a decorative paracord bracelet, choose a knot and colors you like. Choose a knot that looks good and results in a comfortably shaped and sized bracelet. Pick colors you enjoy. When making decorative bracelets, you can cut and splice different colored paracord to make elaborate, multicolored bracelets. Do not use this method for survival bracelets because cutting paracord reduces its functionality.

For survival situations, choose knot types and colors that meet your needs. Consider how quickly you may need to take the bracelet off and choose the appropriate clasp or clip. Choose a knot that is easy for you to undo and that accommodates the amount of paracord you need. Choosing bulkier knots can make the bracelet more cumbersome, but also provides more paracord. Choose bright colors if you want to have higher visibility while wearing the bracelet, while running for instance. If you plan to make the bracelet for military or law enforcement personnel, choose colors that blend well with their uniforms.

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