What Are Some Ways to Make Your Own Paper Flowers?


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Paper flowers are easily made using pipe cleaners and tissue paper. Begin by folding a variety of colors of tissue paper in an accordion style, followed by wrapping it with pipe cleaners to serve as stems. Then, separate out the paper to achieve a flower-like appearance.

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What Are Some Ways to Make Your Own Paper Flowers?
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To create the tissue paper flowers, use three sheets of multi-colored tissue paper. Lay them on top of each other, and fold them in the style of an accordion, folding in one direction, and then back on itself. When that is complete, wrap the pipe cleaner around the paper to create the stem of the flower. You can round the edges of the paper to make rounded petals. Pull apart the tissue paper, with one sheet being pulled down, one being pulled up and one being pulled straight out. This creates your flower.

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