What Are Some Ways to Make Your Own Belt?


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To make a simple handmade belt, tie a long trip of fabric at the waist, create a long braid out of leather cord or finish off a ribbon or long piece of fabric with D-rings. To make a leather belt with a buckle, attach a buckle to a long piece of leather and punch holes in the opposite end.

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To add decorative touches to a basic fabric or ribbon belt, add pompoms to the ends or attach a piece of costume jewelry to the center. D-rings work well as simple belt buckles. Simply attach two D-rings to one side of a long strip of fabric, and pull the other end through the D-rings to fasten the belt. To make a chain belt, take a length of chain and fix a clasp to one of the ends.

To make leather belts with buckles, needed supplies include belt blanks, awls, punches and leather studs. Start with a belt blank and buckle. Insert the buckle through the hole at the end of the blank and wrap the leather around the buckle. Fix the buckle in place with studs. Use an awl or leather punch to punch holes in the other end of the belt.

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