What Are Some Ways to Make an Hourglass Sand Timer?


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Make an hourglass sand timer by filling plastic 2-liter soda bottles or glass baby food jars with sand or salt. The containers need to be the same shape and size so that the mouths line up and each container can hold the other on top of it without toppling.

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To make an hourglass sand timer, trace a circle on heavy paper using the mouth of one of the baby food jars as the template. Cut out the circle, and use a hole punch to cut a hole in the center. Pour salt or dry sand into one of the jars, and then place the circle of paper on top of it. Turn the second jar upside down over the first. Wrap masking tape around both of the jar tops until they are firmly connected.

Another way to make an hourglass is to use 2-liter soda bottles. First, allow the bottles to completely dry out so that the sand or salt flows smoothly from one bottle to the other. Using a funnel, add enough sand to fill 3/4 of one of the bottles. Position the mouth of the second bottle upside down on top of the first, and tape the two together. For a longer timer, use larger containers or add a piece of paper with a smaller hole.

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