What Are Some Ways to Dye Suede at Home?

To dye suede at home, apply suede dye with either a dye applicator, brush or cloth. Apply the dye in long and even strokes when dyeing suede with a brush. To dye suede with a cloth, pour a small amount of dye on a soft and clean cloth, then rub the cloth in a circular motion on the suede. Let the first coat dry for one to two hours, then apply a second coat.

Use a suede cleaner to clean the suede in a gentle circular motion. Allow the suede cleaner to dry completely before dyeing the suede. Before dyeing suede, prepare the surface by brushing it to bring the nap up and to remove dirt. Applying suede restore spray can bring back the quality of old or worn suede before applying suede dye.

For best results, never saturate the suede with dye. One technique to dye suede at home is to use a spray bottle to apply warm, clear water to the suede before applying the suede dye. While the suede is drying, stretch the material to prevent stiffness. Buff the material with a suede buffing brush once the suede is dry, and apply a suede protector spray to prevent stain damage and moisture.