What Are Some Ways to Donate Used Trophies?

What Are Some Ways to Donate Used Trophies?

Some ways to donate used trophies include giving them away to local groups of children or contacting non-profit organizations and charities. Contacting a local trophy store that can refurbish the trophies is another way the trophies can be reused.

Used trophies can be donated to groups of children in the area by contacting the local Chamber of Commerce. The phone number of the Chamber can be located via a phone book or through the Internet. The Chamber of Commerce can provide information regarding local children's sports teams or any other children's groups that might need the trophies. Arts groups in the neighborhood may also want to use the trophy as a prop in the theater.

Organizations such as the Salvation Army, Goodwill and Discovery Cancer Thrift are open to receiving used trophies. Such organizations and other charities and non-profits recycle and reuse the trophies for their award programs. Trophies donated to these organizations may also go to other groups in need of trophies for their participants.

Trophy stores refurbish the trophies with freshly engraved plates. Such trophies are then used by nonprofit organizations and schools.

Trophies selected for donation should be in good condition. Any nameplates or other identifiers need to be removed before donation.