What Are Some Ways to Decorate a Dollhouse?


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Decorate dollhouses to reflect eras in history, to showcase styles of interior design or to replicate homes that are famous in popular culture. Turn a simple dollhouse into a boutique, a cafe or a grocery store. Dollhouses may be turned into play sets to develop kids' imaginations or they may serve as collector pieces for adults to enjoy.

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To decorate a dollhouse to reflect an era of history, study photos, books or magazines of the era. Furnishings may be handcrafted using fabric scraps, wood craft sticks, and foam rubber or batting. Wallpaper sample books make good wallpaper for dollhouses and come in a wide range of design styles. For wall art, use pictures cut from magazines and framed with cardboard, or hang miniature museum reproductions. Floors may be covered with tile or carpet samples.

Cover a dollhouse with wood bark to create a forest fairy cottage. Use scraps of wood paneling for the interior and sphagnum moss for carpeting. Artificial toadstools and other items from floral craft stores may be used for furniture, and details may be added with paint, matchsticks, fabric scraps and buttons.

Turn a dollhouse into a store, and build counters, racks and stands for merchandise. Paint the store name on the door, and make a painted wooden sign to hang in front of the dollhouse. Paint the interior to resemble a grocery or a boutique. Stock the counters with miniature merchandise made from polymer clay, yarn, beads, fabric scraps and small plastic containers. Clothes racks may be stocked with fashion doll clothes.

Interior design catalogs feature many ideas for contemporary dollhouse decor. Find ideas for dollhouse furnishings on home and garden design websites. Miniature furnishings and dollhouse accessories may also be purchased at most craft stores.

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