What are some ways to buy "Plants vs. Zombies 2" for PC?


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Buy and download the "Plants vs Zombies 2" video game from the PopCap.com website or Steam. Additionally, many vendors, such as Best Buy and Target, also sell the videogame in a physical CD form.

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To succeed at many of the game's levels, maximize the power of your sunflower plant. Have at least one entire row of sunflowers and consider planting a second row of sunflowers in front of it to upgrade your sunlight generation and to be able to upgrade your plants more quickly. When your supplies begin to grow limited, invest in heavy-hitting plants, and try to use combinations to get the most out of your sunlight.

When you are in a bind, use plant food on certain powerful plants to allow them to attack instantly. This move can buy you necessary time and prevent a wipeout in an otherwise difficult situation. Reshuffle the purple world deck to improve your odds of gaining more useful and valuable cards.

For specific levels, such as the Pirate World level, use Bonk Choy and Spikeweed plants to combat the invaders. Additionally, when you find a treasure yeti, escape the level to prevent its loss, and complete the level in order to gain his treasure. Plan ahead for zombie patterns as well.

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