What Are Some Ways to Build Your Own LEGO City?


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The best way to start a Lego city is to clear out enough space before building to allow the city to expand over time. Once there is enough space, a builder can either lay down a large Lego building plate to build the city on or connect smaller structures together.

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A Lego plate with dimensions of 32 by 32 studs is large enough to accommodate a Lego city of modest size. However, the builder also needs a high number of standard bricks, usually in units of 2 by 4 studs, to build individual structures for the city. Another method is to buy individual Lego kits and then combine them together. Lego sells city kits that include trucks, public transport stations, train stations, roads and more as of May 2015. The builder then combines enough of these kits within an adequate amount of space to create a complete Lego city.

A Lego city must also have its own infrastructure that the rest of the city can take shape around. Builders typically focus on one aspect of infrastructure, such as mass transit or roads, to help with their city planning. In this regard, infrastructure planning for a Lego city is often easier in a wide open space than with a single plate as the foundation.

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