What Is the Best Way to Do Voice Training?

To do voice training in a safe and effective way, find an experienced teacher who can help you reach your goals. Practice regularly and safely to make progress.

  1. Locate a teacher

    Find a voice teacher in your area. Visit the National Association of Teachers of Singing online directory, or visit a local university music department to ask for a recommendation. Choose a teacher with experience and a high safety record to ensure that you learn safely.

  2. Schedule a consultation

    Schedule a consultation with one or more voice teachers. Explain that you are looking for a voice teacher. During the session, pay attention as the teacher runs you through different exercises, so that you can see if you like the teaching style. Tell the teacher about your voice-training goals, and ask if he can help you achieve them. Try two or three different teachers to find the best fit.

  3. Practice regularly

    Schedule one lesson per week. On your days off, practice for at least an hour. Start gradually, warming up with the exercises your teacher gives you. Then, complete the teacher's assignments, and practice difficult spots in the music on which you are working. Use the techniques that are advised by your teacher. Make a note of difficult passages to work on in your next lesson.