What Is the Way to Transfer Pokemon to Pokemon X & Y Game Versions?


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Any number of Pokemon from earlier game versions, such as the Generation V Pokemon Black and White, can be transferred to Pokemon X & Y games using the Nintendo Apps Poke Transporter and Pokemon Bank. These two apps can be downloaded from the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

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The following shows how users can transport Generation V games to Pokemon X & Y.

Step 1: Visit the 3DS eShop

Users must log on to their Nintendo Network ID and then to the 3DS eShop. Download the Pokemon Bank. A prompt to download Poke Transporter will appear once users access the bank.

Step 2: Begin transfer process

Once the apps have been downloaded, boot up the Pokemon Black and White games and move the Pokemon that are to be moved to X & Y into Box 1. It is worth noting that the Poke Transporter only recognizes Box 1 of the PC. Save the game then exit.

Step 3: Launch Transporter app

Launch the Poke Transporter app with the game still in the 3DS console. The user will be prompted if the Pokemon in Box 1 to be transported to the Bank's box. Items held by the Pokemon will be moved to the user's game bag, so it will be a good idea to clear out the bag to avoid losing any of the items.

Step 4:Swap games

Exit the Transporter and replace the Black and White game with the Pokemon X & Y without restarting. Launch the Pokemon Bank app and then select Bank 1.

Step 5: Move Pokemon

The users will then have the option of either moving the Pokemon to a Bank box or directly to the X & Y game.

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