What Is the Way to Get Scratches Out of Leather?

way-scratches-out-leather Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography/CC-BY-2.0

There are several ways to try to repair scratches in leather, some of which include applying heat from a hair dryer and the use of olive oil. Many leathers do not scratch deeply and easily, and removing lighter scratches is fairly simple with light heat, oil or polish. Deeper scratches may require the use of specific leather repair kits of professional help.

To remove light scratches on leather with a blow dryer, the person should apply the heat close to the leather surface. The surface should then be rubbed and massaged with the hands until the scratches disappear. However, using a hair dryer for too long or too close, or on too high of a setting may cause the leather to melt. A person should take care when performing this practice.

Another way to remove light scratches in leather is to use olive oil. A few droplets of oil should be placed onto a cotton cloth and rubbed into the leather. The consistency of the oil should cause the leather material to bond to itself again. The oil should not be removed immediately, and should be allowed to set for several hours. Other options for repairing scratched leather include the use of pure lanolin or furniture polish.