What Is the Way to Play Movies on the Nintendo Wii?


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Generally speaking, a Nintendo Wii is not capable of playing DVD or Blu-ray movies. However, the Wii can be modified in order to play movies without the purchase of a mod-chip. The mod-chipalters the Wii and deems the warranty null and void.

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To be able to play movies on the Wii, the user will need system version 3.2, a FAT or FAT32 formatted SD card, an SD card reader, "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess" for the Wii, the Twilight Hack, the Homebrew Channel Installer, DVDx and MPlayer.

To begin, the SD card needs to be loaded into the reader, and the Twilight Channel installed into the private directory. From here, the boot.dol file of the Homebrew Channel should be installed as well. Now, the SD card can be inserted into the Wii, and the Zelda game needs to be loaded. Zelda will need to be wiped, then reinserted into the Wii. The text on the liner ring should be written down for later use. Next, the Homebrew Channel can be installed onto the Wii after the Zelda disc is reinserted and started. Two apps will need to be installed onto the Wii from the Homebrew Channel, DVDx and MPlayer. Once these are installed onto the Wii, any regular DVD should play itself in from the Wii's drive. Fundamentally, playing a movie on the Wii has to do with the channel that is installed onto it.

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