What Is the Way to Play the Bimini Ring Toss Game?

The objective of the Bimini ring toss game is to swing a ring that suspended on a string and get its loop hooked onto a hook that is attached to a wall. Players hold on to the ring that is fully extended some 8 to 10 feet from the wall and then swing it forward to try to shoot the loop of the ring onto the hook. The scoring system varies and is usually set by the players themselves, but the winner is usually the player who gets to hook the ring the most number of times for a predetermined number of attempts.

In the Weekend Rules version of the game, the player does not necessarily have to get the loop of the ring into the hook. Just hitting the hook, which is called a "Ting," already earns one point. If a player is able to hit the hook two or more times in a single throw, it is called a Nassau and is worth three points. In this same game version, when the player actually gets the hook into the loop of the ring, it is called a Bimini and it is worth five points. The first player who scores 100 points or a predetermined number of points will be declared the winner.