What Is the Way to Plan a Wedding in the Sims 3?

Engaged couples in the video game Sims 3 can plan a private wedding through the "Romantic Interactions" menu, and they can plan a wedding party through the "Throw Party" interface on the cellphone. Prior to using either option, the couple must completely build their relationship, and one of the Sims must make a proposal that the other Sim accepts.

In the PC and game console versions of this popular Sims game, players can build relationships and get married. To host an extravagant wedding, it is important to do everything possible to ensure guests are entertained and leave happy. To get started, the player go to the lot of either engaged Sim, choose "Throw Party" and then choose "Wedding Party." To forego the big wedding party, couples may choose to get married instantly in a private wedding. Both wedding types provide the couple with a +50 Just Married moodlet.