What Is the Way to Obtain the Ruby for Celio in Pokemon FireRed?

To obtain the Ruby for Celio, the player must head back to Mt. Ember, battle two Team Rocket Members, solve a boulder puzzle and then take the Ruby for Celio. Once the player hands the Ruby to Celio, he or she will receive the Rainbow Ticket, which will grant the player access to Islands Four, Five, Six and Seven. If the player heads back to Island One after beating the Elite Four and obtaining a National Dex, Celio will be found working on his Network Machine, but unable to complete it without the Ruby. Celio will then ask the player for help in finding the Ruby.

  1. Return to Mt. Ember

    The player heads back to Mt. Ember, where previously the Explosion tutor was encountered. This time, however, the player should choose the path to the right on top of the stairs.

  2. Gain access into the cave

    This path leads to a cave guarded by two Team Rocket members. The player must defeat both in order to gain access into the cave.

  3. Solve a puzzle

    After beating the Team Rocket Members, the player then heads into the cave to solve a boulder puzzle. After solving the puzzle, the player reaches a fork in the road.

  4. Travel south

    Taking the road going south leads the player to a room with Braille messages and the room next to it is the one that contains the Ruby. The player then must pick the Ruby to take back to Celio.