What is the way to make a "Wa-Hoo!" board?


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To make a "Wa-Hoo!" board, holes should be drilled through a thin piece of plywood in the shape of a plus sign with lines of holes coming out of the exterior angles of the cross while holes should also be drilled in each of the points of the cross. The holes on the diagonals can be painted four different colors: red, blue, green and yellow are usually used for these lines.

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On each of the vertical sides of the plus sign that is drilled into the board, there should be five holes. On the horizontal sides, there should be four holes. The diagonal lines that come out of the angles should be made up of four holes. Four holes should also be on the interior of the plus sign on each of the points. The drill bit should be matched to the size of marbles that are used for the game to ensure that the marbles sit snugly in the holes.

"Wa-Hoo!" is a board game that was created in the United States in the 1950s. It also goes by the names "Parcheesi," "Sorry" and "Aggravation." Commercial board game companies reproduced the traditional game for people to buy, but many people still choose to use their own board.

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