What Is the Way to Make a Spinner for a Board Game?

To make a spinner, cut a circle from 6-inch by 6-inch cardboard, cut an arrow that is shorter than the circumference of the circle, draw out the sections needed on the circle, and fasten it all together with a brass paper fastener. A paper plate also makes an easy spinner base for those people who are not comfortable cutting a circle.

Locate the middle of the circle and draw a black dot. Determine the number of sections needed on the spinner, and then draw lines from the black dot to the edges to make the sections. Next, hole punch the middle of the circle on the black dot. Find the center of the base on the arrow, and hole punch that as well. Line the two holes up, and then fasten them together with a brass paper fastener. Check to make sure the arrow spins freely, and then put it to work during a game.