What Is the Way to Make a Homemade Snowman Costume?

Making a quick and easy snowman costume is as easy as donning a white outfit, such as sweats or a skirt and top, and adding a few finishing touches. The signature top hat can be purchased at a costume store, or made from craft items.

Begin by wrapping a length of white fluffy fabric around the torso and over a skirt and sleeveless top. Pin a bit of batting underneath to add bulk, then be sure to secure the fabric to the skirt and top so it will withstand movement. White tights continue the snow-look from top to bottom, while a red scarf and black belt add accents. Black face paint creates "eyes of coal," and a large mouth, and a carrot nose may be made from orange art paper and a string. Be sure to wrap the top of the head in white fabric before donning the top hat.