What Is the Way to Make a Globe Out of a Ball?

To make a globe out of a ball, use a marker to draw a world map on the ball or print a template of the world and glue it onto the ball. When gluing a template, the template must be in the form of petals, or gores, to allow it to lay flat on the ball's surface.

Drawing a world map on a ball is a fairly straightforward process.

  1. Find a global map online or in print
  2. Use that map as a reference to replicate it on a ball. Be sure to use permanent marker. Using a paper template involves a few more steps. In addition to the template, scissors and glue are needed.
  3. Cut out the template
  4. Be sure the template is the right size for the ball. The length of the template should equal the ball's circumference. Cut out the template with sharp scissors. A paper template should be in the form of points, also known as petals or gores, so that it lies flat on the surface of the ball.
  5. Glue the template onto the ball
  6. Wrap the length of the template around the ball and secure with a piece of tape. Begin by gluing one petal onto the surface. Work from opposite sides, gluing first the top and then the bottom of the globe until all gores are secure.