What Is the Way to Make a Frankenstein Costume?


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To make a Frankenstein costume, one needs green makeup, a black wig, four wine corks, a cheap plastic headband, black boots, a blazer and dark leggings. Glue two corks in a "T" shape and paint them silver for the neck bolts. Use the green makeup to color the skin on the face and hands.

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The color of the clothing for this costume does not really matter, but it should be dark, such as navy or black. The boots should be big and clunky. If one already has black hair, style it up and back, away from the face. If not, a black wig works perfectly.

To make the neck bolts, glue one cork to another in the shape of a "T" using a hot glue gun. Paint them silver and let dry. Attach one to each end of a plastic headband, which is then worn around the neck to represent Frankenstein's neck bolts.

Get dressed in the costume prior to applying the green makeup. This decreases the chance that any makeup rubs off on the clothing. Apply the green makeup to face, neck and hands. Use a black eyeliner pencil to draw stitches on the forehead and around the wrists to represent where the monster was pieced together. Put on the wig and the neck bolts and the costume is ready to go.

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