What Is the Way to Make a Display Board?

To make a display board, create an interesting title, gather photos and design the message materials, write the messages on cardboard, cut them out and affix the materials onto the display foam board with glue or self-adhesive labels. Be aware of design issues such as color contrasting and spacing between words and symbols.

To create a themed board, gather pictures, numbers, letters or artwork and pin them to a cork board, white board or even poster board to display items or create a learning area. For educationally themed boards, an outline should be followed. This is done by creating headings, charts and graphs. A person can also use graphics or examples to reinforce their teaching, but the message should be clear and concise. It should also easy to understand.

When creating a display board for any purpose, it should sit or be hung at a height where it is simple for people to read. Placing it at eye level can capture attention and prevent people from having to bend or stretch to view it.

Display boards are a good choice for using in the classroom as they can be changed out as often as the teacher wishes. For instance, using a display board that reflects the current season is not only educational, but it works as a teaching tool. Holiday displays have the same effect.