What Is the Way to Make Cardboard Cowboy Hat?


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To make a cardboard cowboy hat, a person should cut out the brim from a piece of cardboard and use a tube for the top, and the person should then staple these pieces together. Beer boxes are the perfect weight of cardboard to use for this project.

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To make a cardboard cowboy hat, the person should first measure the head circumference of the person wearing the hat. The person should then draw a circle with that circumference on a piece of cardboard, cut it out and then set it aside. Next, the person should draw a line that is the width of the head circumference, adding an inch or two to allow for overlap and any adjustments. The person should next draw a perpendicular line at one end that is about 8 inches high and then connect the other lines making a rectangle. The person should cut out and roll up the rectangle so that it fits snugly over the head. Next, the person should glue or staple the pieces together.

To make the brim, the person should set one end of the tube on a piece of cardboard and trace around it. The person should measure out approximately 6 inches from that circle and make another circle. The person should then cut them both out, which will result in a large cardboard donut. To fit the tube onto the rest of the hat pieces, the person should cut 1-inch slits in the top and bottom of the tube. The person should fold the slits outward and slide the donut down over the tube. The person should then staple or glue the slits to the cardboard brim. Finally, the person should take the circle from step one and tape it to the top of the hat, securing it with tape or glue on the tabs.

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