What Is the Way to Make a Cardboard Box Car Project for School?

Depending on the desired size of the box car, a cardboard box or boxes can be sealed with tape, cut with box cutters and then painted and decorated to resemble a car. For a higher level of detail, the car can be given a mock steering wheel, along with a windshield and other details.

Depending on the size of the box, a box car can be made out of one very large box or multiple boxes. They should be taped shut and then attached together. If multiple boxes are being used, it's important that they have the same width so it can resemble the look of a sedan.

If the car is being made out of three identical boxes, for instance, the boxes should be taped shut and covered except for the middle. Keeping the top of the middle box open will serve as an area where the child can sit.

Adhesive book covering works well for the car's outer layer. After applying the covering, a box cutter can be used to cut out doors and cut a hole out of the central box's flap to resemble a windshield. Strips of book covering can also be used to wrap around the new edges from the cuts so they are round and smooth.

Many materials can be used to make the car's wheels, such as plastic plates, paper, card or craft foam. The wheels should be round and painted to have a realistic color. They can then be attached to the chassis with glue. Other similarly -made accessories can be added like headlights, steering wheel, taillights and exhaust pipe.