What Is the Way to Make a Batman Cape?

What Is the Way to Make a Batman Cape?

To make a Batman cape, a crafter needs a large piece of black material, needle, black thread and a ribbon. Fold one edge of the material over about an inch and sew into place. Thread the ribbon through the channel to create a tie for the neck.

The most important component of Batman's cape is the flowing material. When purchasing material, there must be plenty so as to form a long cape. For a child, a good rule of thumb is a 36-inch by 36-inch square. A piece of black ribbon is perfect to secure the cape at the neck.

Prepare the fabric

The fabric should be washed and, if necessary, ironed prior to starting the project. This allows the fabric to hang better off the shoulders.

Create the ribbon channel

Since the cape is a square of fabric, any of the edges work for the ribbon channel. Fold one edge over about 1 inch. The bottom edge needs to be sewn securely, creating a channel through which the ribbon runs.

Thread the ribbon

To thread the ribbon through the channel, simply attach a large safety pin to one end of the ribbon. Then, thread the safety pin through the channel until it comes out the other end. Once the safety pin is removed, the cape is ready to wear.