What Is the Way to Levitate an Object?


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An object can be levitated in the air by using a strong sound wave sequence. The sound waves create pockets of air that are able to stand within the air and hold small or lightweight objects up. Since the sound waves are constantly moving, they are able to lift an object continually.

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The process by which objects are able to be held up with sound waves is called acoustic levitation. Since it is intended only for small objects, it will not work on humans or objects that have much weight. The sound waves are strong enough to create air pockets, but are not strong enough to withstand the pressure that comes with holding something that weighs as much as a human.

Sound waves can be added to the original sound wave line by creating larger sounds through the addition of bass and other acoustics. These sound waves will make more pockets and can allow the object to stay in the air for a longer period of time. The more pockets there are present as a result of the sound waves pushing out air, the longer the object will be able to stay in the air. Objects that are being held up by many sound waves will also be more likely to move around.

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