What Is the Best Way to Learn to Crochet?


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To begin learning to crochet, first limit the number of supplies you feel compelled to buy. A crochet hook, some basic yarn or crochet thread and a pair of scissors is all that's required. Repeatedly practice holding the hook correctly, and perform some basic operations until they're mastered, such as creating slip knots.

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What Is the Best Way to Learn to Crochet?
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Regarding the crochet hook, there are several methods or forms of gripping it, including the knife and pencil grippers. Many claim the knife gripper is easiest on the hands, and it is created by holding the hook similarly to a dinner knife, with an overhand grip for increased control. The one potential downside of this grip is that it may afford less precision in detail work than does the pencil grip, which is alternatively formed with a pincer-like movement as applied to a pencil or paintbrush.

Important resources for those starting to crochet are simple, beginners' patterns, many of which can be found on sites such as favecrafts.com. Such patterns are available for multiple tasks, including baby clothes and scarves and items both large and small. Another option is to locate one of the many video or multimedia guides available online. These are especially good for those who feel stronger as visual learners and who value step-by-step instructions accompanied with images for an activity often as artistic and technically demanding as crocheting.

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