What Is the Way to Hook up a Thrustmaster to a PS3?

Hook up a Thrustmaster by installing the most recent driver, clicking the Inverted tab in the Control Panel, wait for the axes to change to red, put the wheel in 2 axis mode so that both pedals are on the Y axis and click "OK" to finish the hooking up process and move onto the configuration process. This process works for the Ferrari GT 2-in-1 and 3-in-1, all three ENZO, the FGT Experience, FI Force and NASCAR Pro Force Thrustmasters.

The process is different for the T100 FFB, Rally GT PRO, Ferrari F430 and RGT PRO Clutch Thrustmasters. Go to 2 axis mode to put both pedals on the Y axis and then click "OK" to hook up the Thrustmaster and access the configuration option.