What Is the Way to Fix a Zipper on Jeans?


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To fix a zipper on a pair of jeans without replacing it completely, a person can try lubricating the zipper, checking for an obstruction or replacing the pull tab. Quite often it is an easy fix to correct issues with a zipper without replacing it with a brand new one.

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Before a person rips out the old zipper on a pair of jeans, he or she should try a few troubleshooting tips first.

Step 1: Lubricate the zipper's teeth

If the zipper is sluggish and does not move easily, it may just need some lubrication. Simply rub some soap, candle wax or a graphite pencil on the teeth while the zipper is closed. Open the zipper and rub the edges of the teeth in the same manner.

Step 2: Check for an obstruction

If the zipper does not move at all, there may be an obstruction in the teeth such as a piece of string or fabric. Use a pair of sharp scissors or a razor blade to remove as much of the obstruction as possible until the zipper moves freely.

Step 3: Replace a broken pull tab

Sometimes the pull tab on the zipper breaks off. If this is the case, a quick fix is to put a safety pin or metal paper clip through the hole. This allows the pull tab to easily be pulled up and down.

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