What Is the Way to Fix a PSP That Won't Turn On?

If a Sony PlayStation Portable will not turn on, then the PSP should be brought in to a professional who specializes in PSP and portable gaming software repairs. The PSP cannot be fixed at home without violating its warranty.

Before a person brings the PSP in to a gaming repair professional, however, there are a few things to check. The person should try to charge the PSP and then try to restart the PSP or turn it off and then turn it back on. If these methods do not work then the PSP will need to be brought in to a professional.

The PSP is a portable gaming device. It has connectivity options such as using Skype, connecting to the PlayStation 3system and home computer. It allows users to browse the Internet on the device. It also has a range of multimedia options besides the games including movies, TV shows, the ability to store and access photos, TivoToGo, stored music and Internet radio.

The PSP is known for its variety of games and it has hundreds of gaming options for users including PS one classics and free demos in addition to new games. For parents, there are parental controls that can restrict games by ESRB rating as well as restrict videos by rating.