What Is the Way to Fix an Overheating PS3?


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An overheating Sony PlayStation 3 can be fixed by moving the system to a better ventilated area. The PS3 should never be placed on carpet and should always be left on a hard and flat surface that has ample ventilation around it.

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The most common reason that a PS3 overheats is because there is not enough air around the system to allow it to ventilate properly. When a user first notices that their PS3 is overheating, they should turn the system off for around 20 minutes, move it to a better location and try to turn it back on. It should remain cool after it has been allowed to cool down.

A PS3 could also be overheating because the fans behind the vent are not working properly. They could be blocked by a build up of dust and debris. The user should take the vents off of the PlayStation and clean out any dust or debris that is sitting within the vents. Doing this will allow proper air circulation outside of the system.

If the vents have been cleaned and the PS3 has been moved to a more ventilated area, the problem may lie within the system. The system can be restarted and the console can be reset as a last resort. If none of the ventilation or resetting procedures work, then there is an internal problem with the PS3. It is nearly impossible for users to fix these errors and the PS3 must be sent to the Sony for repair.

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