What Is the Way to Dye 100 Percent Polyester Fabric?


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Polyester fabric should only be dyed using immersion dyes, water that is hotter than boiling and a noxious chemical that will allow the dye to penetrate the tightly woven fibers. Immersion dyeing is not recommended and the results of dyed polyester are often unfavorable because the dye does not settle evenly.

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It is recommended that polyester not be dyed by someone who has no experience dyeing any type of fabric. The process can be difficult and can be dangerous as a result of the chemicals that are needed to allow the dye to penetrate the fabric. Markers, crayons and stamps area available and are intended only for use with polyester fabric. These can be used to create various designs on polyester fabric. If the piece of polyester fabric needs to be dyed, it can be taken to a fabric manufacturer that will be able to direct the customer to companies that dye polyester. This process can be costly and the person may spend less money buying the piece of fabric in a different color. People who are interested in dyeing fabric should start out with easy to use acid dyes that are intended for cotton, wool and other natural fibers that are easier to penetrate.

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