What Is the Way to Clean Piano Keys?

What Is the Way to Clean Piano Keys?

To clean piano keys, use a soft cloth, dampened with a mild soap and water solution, to gently wipe the keys. It is also important to use a different cloth for cleaning the sharp keys to avoid staining the white ivory keys. Regular cleaning of piano keys is important because dirt and oil, from the fingers, tends to accumulate on the keys over time.

The following shows how to clean piano keys:

  1. Prepare cleaning cloth

    Dampen the soft cloth with water and mild soap. Wring out the excess water from the cloth thoroughly.

  2. Lightly wipe piano keys

    Wipe each key with the cloth from back to front. Avoid wiping the keys from side to side to avoid getting moisture and dirt on the sides of the keys.

  3. Dry and repeat

    Dry immediately with a clean cloth and repeat the process with the sharp keys. Avoid using solvents and colored fabrics for cleaning.