What Is the Way to Build a Medieval Castle Project for School?

The easiest way to build a Medieval castle is out of cereal boxes and toilet paper tubes. Castle fronts are cut out of card stock and glued onto the cereal boxes while cones are glued onto the toilet paper tubes. The student should then paint and decorate as desired.

To make a Medieval castle for school, the student needs a piece of foam craft board, heavy card stock, three empty cereal boxes, four toilet paper tubes and a template for the castle's design. White glue, scissors and craft paint are also necessary.

Make the walls

Trace the castle wall templates onto the card stock and cut them out. Glue these templates to the cereal boxes to create the walls of the castle.

Create the towers

Glue plain card stock paper onto the toilet paper tubes. Cut out a small circle, wrap it into a cone shape and glue to the top of the tube. This creates the castle's towers.

Decorate the project

Paint the castle as desired, keeping in mind that Medieval castles were often made from stone. To add depth, draw a crest or flags on the walls. Also paint the foam craft board to represent the ground.

Glue the parts to the base

To form the castle, glue the parts of the castle to the foam craft board. Medieval castles were normally in a square shape, with the towers at each corner.