What Is the Way to Build a House Out of Ice Pop Sticks?

What Is the Way to Build a House Out of Ice Pop Sticks?

A house can be constructed from ice pop sticks by using glue, toothpicks, beads, paper and a ribbon to create the basic structure of a building. The house can include details like window panes and doors.

When the project is completed, the house can be painted or decorated as desired. It can be made shorter or longer by using fewer or more ice pop sticks.

Step 1: Make the walls

Arrange the sticks in a row, leaving gaps where the doors will be. Use sticks cut in half to leave room for windows. Glue ice pop sticks in a perpendicular direction along the row of sticks to join them together.

Step 2: Make the windows

Use half-sticks for the outer edges, and toothpicks for the panes. Arrange and glue the toothpicks in a cross pattern in the middle of the square formed by the half-sticks. Glue the windows into the gaps made in the walls.

Step 3: Make the doors

In the same way the walls were constructed, arrange half-sticks in a row to form the door. Glue a full ice pop stick in a perpendicular direction to join them together. Glue a bead to where the doorknob should be. Use a ribbon as a hinge to tie the door onto the wall.

Step 4: Make the roof

Make two "A" frames by gluing three ice pop sticks together, trimming them with scissors if necessary. Make two sides of the roof in the same way the walls were made, and glue each to the sides of the "A." Glue the walls together, and glue the roof onto the top of the walls.