What is the way to get to Birth Island in Pok��mon FireRed?


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The only way to gain access to Birth Island in Pok��mon FireRed is by using the Aurora Ticket, which can only be obtained through a Nintendo Event. Along with Navel Rock, Birth Island is one of two islands in Pok��mon FireRed version that can only be accessed using Nintendo Event tickets. Legendary Pok��mon can be captured on these two islands; Lugia and Ho-Oh are encountered on Navel Rock by passing through two separate paths while the Pok��mon Deoxys can be found on Birth Island by solving a puzzle.

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Once the player reaches Birth Island, he will see a black triangle and a black area on the plateau. The black triangle that warps to other parts of the island each time the player moves it in a particular direction. Once the puzzle is solved, the earth will shake and the Legendary Pok��mon Deoxys will appear.

Deoxys was introduced in the third generation of Pok��mon games. It has an attack type just like the one found in FireRed and a defense type in Pok��mon LeafGreen. Also called the DNA Pok��mon, the FireRed Deoxys has a very high base stat of 600 with 150 Attack, 150 Special Attack, 150 Speed, 50 HP, 50 Defense and 50 Special Defense.

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