What Is the WARMACHINE Miniature War Game in "Battle College"?


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Warmachine is a steampunk tabletop miniature war game that was developed and produced by Privateer Press. Battle College is a wiki-styled website that provides strategies, tactics, guides and lists of rules for the game, allowing players to learn about factions, different strategies and additional aspects of the game.

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While most war games are meant to be played by using defensive strategies that are not unlike the ones used by real-life military forces, Warmachine is played by using tactics that are far more aggressive. The game is played with two or more players, each of which control an army that contains several different units. This army is controlled by a main general known as the Warcaster.

While the game is similar to other miniature war games in that each army unit must act during a player's turn, it is unique in the way that it distributes focus points to each Warcaster. The number of focus points that each Warcaster receives per turn is inconsistent, requiring the player to strategically determine how and when to use them. While the player who inflicts the most damage and causes the highest number of casualties traditionally wins, the player whose Warcaster is killed automatically loses.

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