What Are Some Voice Morphing Headsets for Xbox Consoles?

Voice morphing headsets for Microsoft Xbox video consoles include some Turtle Beach headsets and the Xbox Headset Communicator. These headsets use presets to create a particular voice.

Several models of Turtle Beach headsets let players morph their voices to be higher or lower, or to mimic the voices of game characters using presets. The models which come with voice morphing are Ear Force XP SEVEN, Ear Force XP510, Ear Force PX51, Ear Force Phantom, Ear Force i60, Ear Force i30, Ear Force Tango, Ear Force XP500, Ear Force PX5 and Ear Force Delta.

The Xbox Headset Communicator by Microsoft has the functionality to morph voices to different effects, according to Amazon. The voices available include a little kid, robot and linebacker.