What Are Vocal Lessons?

Vocal lessons are typically repeated blocks of time spent with a professional vocalist who teaches different techniques and exercises to improve singing or talking ability. Most commonly, these lessons are geared toward people who wish to become better singers, and they include different breathing, singing and pitch exercises.

Most vocal teachers will begin with a series of breathing exercises that help to strengthen the diaphragm, the muscle that controls airflow for singing, and allow the singer to hold out notes longer or sing longer phrases. After working on breathing, a vocal lesson will typically move onto vocal chord strength and health. These exercises are designed to help eliminate unwanted sounds caused by improper use of vocal chords. It also allows the singer to strengthen the muscles responsible for creating sound to creating a wider range of notes that the singer can hit.

The final piece of a vocal lesson will typically get into the actual technique of singing. The vocal instructor will focus on ensuring that the singer stays on pitch without sliding either sharp or flat and will also work to help the singer produce more natural sounding vowels to make the singing sound open and full. Vocal lessons tend to drastically improve the quality of a singer's performance.