What Is a Vision Board?


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A vision board is a physical or digital tool used to visualize the completion of a specific goal, such as losing weight or landing a specific job. The board is made up of pictures and quotes that represent the goal.

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Visualization is a key step in achieving goals. The process helps to bring focus and organization to the goal-setting process, instead of leaving it as a nebulous concept. By placing pictures of the final goal on a board and looking at them every day, the board can provide a sense of motivation to achieve the goal.

To make a vision board, first choose a focus for the board. The focus must be something achievable that has a specific personal significance. Start with a flat, steady surface, such as a cork board or a piece of construction paper, as a base. Then, collect pictures that directly relate to the board's focus and pin or tape them to the board. Some people break the board up into sections to organize the photos. For example, if the board is about getting accepted into a specific college, one section might focus on the school itself, while another would focus on the city or state where the school is located.

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